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TV Stand Décor Ideas for Your Living Room

Scroll through your favorite interior design accounts on social media, and you might find one thing is missing from your favorite living rooms: the TV. But if you love streaming or consider yourself a film connoisseur, we’re here to help turn your TV into a welcomed focal point, even when it’s not in use. Read on for our complete list of TV stand décor ideas.


Traditionally speaking, TV stands are console-like tables designed to support your TV and electronics (and not a lot more). For structural purposes, your TV stand should be one to two inches wider than your flat screen; any smaller, and you’ll risk your TV being too top heavy or getting bumped off. If décor is important to you, however, and you have a large enough space, why not go bigger? Set standards aside, and you’ll find plenty of inspiration for decorating your TV stand and the area around it.

Decorating Ideas for Types of TV Stands

TV stands come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, so take these factors into consideration when planning your design.

Traditional TV Stands

Traditional TV consoles feature drawers and cupboards built into the design, so use this storage to your advantage! Hiding away unsightly items, such as game consoles, DVD players, and remote controls, frees up what space you do have to display a small piece of décor, such as a small plant or sculpture.

TV stand with glass cupboard doors

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Some traditional stands feature glass doors for partially hidden compartments. Use one or two of these shelves to house electronics and decorate the others with books, picture frames, or trinkets.

TV Stands with Open Shelving

Living room with TV stand with open shelving and gallery wall

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Modern TV stands are more likely to feature open shelves in unique designs that are as decorative as the items you choose to display. Before you begin decorating, however, remember to create a sense of cohesiveness with either color or style and place items in groups of three to create interesting vignettes. If you need a shelf or two for storage, find a chic basket or tray to keep the look tidy.

Oversized TV Stands

Keep in mind that the width of your TV stand doesn’t have to match the width of your screen. Opt for a wider media console if your space allows. This will increase the amount of space you have for decorative items, and we love the modern, asymmetrical feel of placing the television off to one side.

Corner TV Stands

Corner TV stand with decor

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Corner stands create a unique opportunity for decorating, especially models that feature open shelving on each side of the forward-facing doors. These nooks are perfect for a stack of books, potted succulent, or small sculpture.

Decorating Ideas for Wall-Mounted TVs

The slim profile of modern TVs makes them easy to mount from the wall of your living room, opening up even more opportunities to decorate the surrounding space.

Over a Console Table

Wall-mounted TV with cabinet doors and console table underneath

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Console tables are a great alternative to TV stands because they take up less floor space and are easier to swap out as home design trends change over time. Place one under your wall mount and top with your favorite pieces of décor. Follow our guidelines for decorating a bookshelf: place items in groups of three and elevate small items with stacks of books.

Over a Fireplace

TV on fireplace mantel with decor

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Wall-mounted TVs are incredibly popular installed over the fireplace mantel. Because fireplaces are the focal point of most living rooms, furniture is arranged accordingly, so it’s a win-win for the television, too. Use the mantel as a place to display small potted plants, candle holders, or sculptural items. Our professional tip: avoid symmetry. Playing with scale and asymmetry will actually create a more balanced look.

Tips for Decorating Around a TV Stand

Remember to consider your entire space when decorating around your television. You’ll often have to look below, around, and behind your TV to come up with a design solution that works.

Add House Plants for Balance

Modern living room with mounted TV and plants

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House plants are a lovely way to bookend your TV stand and are good for your health, too. As mentioned above, its best to keep heights asymmetrical to keep the look modern and organic. For example, place a large fiddle leaf fig or monstera on one side of your console and a tiered modern style plant stand with small potted plants on the other. Decorative baskets and indoor lanterns are also a fun way to add dimension and play with height.

Mimic Built-in Wall Units with Bookcases

A living room with built-ins may be the ultimate dream, but it’s possible to create a similar look with matching bookcases on each side of your media console. A multitude of shelves creates plenty of space to display décor, picture frames, and books. We particularly love etageres – their open design can make a room feel larger and more accessible.

TV stand with industrial style bookcases

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Hang Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a streamlined, minimalist approach to decorating the wall behind your television. Placed strategically, they can also create a sense of faux built-ins. Install one shelf the length of your TV across the top with two to three shorter shelves stacked on each side.

Install a Gallery Wall

In addition to sprucing up your space, a gallery wall behind the TV can make your room feel much larger. When mapping out your gallery wall decor, think of the TV’s frame as the first part of the design and surround it with wall art accordingly. Mix and match frames for an eclectic look or use solid white frames for minimalist appeal.

Paint an Accent Wall

Mid-century TV stand against blue accent wall

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There are more ways to decorate your space than placing décor on a shelf; color can have a huge impact, too. If the TV is the focal point of your living room, paint an accent wall behind it for added depth and aesthetics. For modern living rooms, we recommend a dark neutral, such as black or dark gray.